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Kapolri Praises New Wakapolri Credibility

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teRaspos- Kapolri (Chief of Indonesian Police) Timur Pradopo admitted the credibility of his new deputy Komjen (Commissioner General) Oegroseno in assisting Polri personnel in handling national security.

Apart from coming of the same badge, he stated that Oegroseno’s performance has been proven.  

“There must be seniority, integrity, and professionalism. All of them have been tested.” Said he, Friday (2/8).

The appointment of Oegroseno as Wakapolri (Police Deputy Chief) is based on the Kapolri’s decision No. 557/VIII/2013 dated 31 July 2013.

Oegroseno’s former post as Head of Polri Security Maintenance Agency will be filled in by Irjen (Inspector General) Badrudin Haiti who is still holding his position as Kapolri’s Operations Assistant at the moment.  

Komjen Oegroseno was once appointed as Kapolda (Regional Police Chief) in Central Sulawesi and North Sumatera. Other posts he once held were Head of Police Propam (Profession and Security) Division, Head of Police Educational Institute, and Head of Police Security Maintenance Agency.

It seems that he will not hold on to his new post for long since this 3-star General born on 17 February 1956 in Pati will retire in February 2014. It is in compliance with Police Law stating that retirement age is 58. (R: Ali Yusup/T: Ida Indriyani)

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