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Divorced, Cut Tari Denies Due to Immoral Video

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teRaspos -  Cut Tari and Johanes Jusuf Subrata household built since 2004 is on the brink of divorce. Not yet known what the cause of the celebrity couples divorce, but the rumor is their chaos household is the accumulation of the immoral video case of Tari with Ariel "NOAH", 3 years ago.

"Sorry, do not attach it to an old story. If it kept to be opened again and again then how pity it is," said Tari as quoted from from bintang.

The infotainment presenter also denied that her divorce is because of a third person.

Tari and Jusuf agreed to divorce in a good way because they are no matching anymore.

"We agreed on fine way without being emotional. We want everyone to understand, it is very hard, but this is the life process that should be passed. We have a kid and have agreed to always take care of her together. We don’t want to have any disagreements."

"Maybe the one who may know the cause is only the two of, because this is our own household. Jusuf still comes to my house, still celebrates the new year together. However, we are entrusted to take care for the child." (*/ami)

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