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PSMS Medan Needs Funds of IDR 5.6 Billion

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teRaspos - PSMS (The Football Association of Medan and Surroundings) Medan needs at least IDR 5.6 billion fund that will be used for participating the 2014-2015 Main Dinsi competition.

"What is needed is actually IDR 6.6 billion. My personal fund is IDR 1 billion. So IDR 5.6 billion more to look for," said Director of PSMS Medan Syukri Wardi in the general meeting of shareholders in the PSMS Medan office.

In front of the Chairman of Medan Parliament Amiruddin and Head of Youth and Sports Agency Medan City Government, Abdul Aziz, Syukri explains that the budget is mostly used for the players and coaches salaries.

A total of 24 local players and another two foreign players will be sought. Operational budget will also spend large funds, especially after competition has started.

"Salaries of players and coaches worth IDR 2.4 billion. There is a player who is paid for IDR 15 million, especially the foreign players whose salaries will be higher.But we see later, whether the shareholders would agree with the proposed foreign players," he said.

In the general meeting of shareholders, Syukri explains that there are six shareholders of PSMS Medan, the Chairman of the PSMS Medan Muhammad Fauzi Nasution, Secretary General Julius Raja, Edi Syahputra, former Chairman of the PSMS Medan IPL version Benny Sihotang, and Saktiawan Sinaga.

He said, there is a possibility if the shareholders will take it off the market and that is what will be an opportunity for others to buy it as a sense of togetherness of PSMS Medan.

"Some might give up their shares. For those who want to have a stake, PSMS Medan wants to release it to the public," he said. (*/ami)

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