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PDIP: Ask the People about the Duet of Jokowi-Puan

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teRaspos - Chairwoman of PDI-P Megawati Soekarnoputri is said to have approved Jokowi to be a presidential candidate in the 2014 election. Reportedly, Jokowi is projected to have duet with Puan Maharani, daughter of Megawati.

Responding this, Chairman of the PDIP Central Board Komarudin Watubun said that Jokowi’s duet with Puan is asked directly to the society, whether they are suitable or not.

"Ask the people. Suitable or unsuitable is depending on the assessment of the people," he said.

Komarudin claimed to haven’t heard the duet of Jokowi-Puan in the internal of PDIP. What clear is, the PDI-P will decide to carry the presidential and vice presidential candidates in accordance with the aspirations of the people.

"The people who choose the president, there should be public support."

The scenario of Mega-Jokowi duet in the 2014 presidential election survey is sag.Reportedly, PDIP is finalizing the second scenario which is the duet of Jokowi-Puan.

Jokowi-Puan duet is being finalized because they are considered as having the prospect to win the 2014 presidential election. Jokowi-Puan scenario is taken as a middle way because Mega is still wanting Soekarno’s breed to exist at the PDIP and the Palace leadership.

This scenario has already been leaked by Olly Dondokambay, the PDIP’s Treasurer. Olly has ever talked about the duet opportunity between the Jakarta Governor and the Chairwoman of the PDIP’s Election Winning Agency in the upcoming 2014 presidential election. (*/ami)

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