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PDIP Reviews Vice-Presidential Candidate

DKI Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo (photo: Teraspos/Eddy Tarigan)
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teRaspos– Indonesian Democratic Party for Struggle (PDIP) considers some name to be candidate for Jokowi’s running mate in Presidential general election in 2014 based on some parties’ standpoint.

“We will nominate a vice presidential candidate after legislative election, but we will take some opinion into our consideration. Everyone is free to comment and PDI-P will take the good side,” PDI-P’s executive board chief Maruarar Sirait in Parliament building on Friday (21/3).   

Maruarar said PDI-P chairwoman Megawati Soekarnoputri is a democratic guy in making a decision.

To emphasize his statement, he make Mega’s decision on Jokowi presidential candidacy as an example. Mega take a survey result and the opinion of clergy, farmers, labors, fisherman, media crew and businessman into her consideration.

“To the date, we haven’t had a name for the vice-president candidate. We only take a notice on  some name which have good track records , such as Abraham Samad, Jusuf Kalla, Ryamizad Ryacudu, Mahfud MD, and Gen. Moeldoko, etc,” he said.

He said the disclosure of those names will trigger people to discuss about the strength and the weakness of those figures  which possibly can be named as vice presidential candidate. According to him, it is a good step for PDI-P because everyone will more explore about the ideal figure which will be Jokowi’s running mate in 2014 general election.

“ However, we should remember that  PDI-P still have some PDI-P figure which possibly become Jokowi’s running mate, that is Puan Maharani,” he said (ant/tya)

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